Covid-19 Risk Assessments

As workplaces begin to bring employees back to work during the Covid-19 pandemic the government have stipulated that prior to restarting work, employers should ensure the safety of their workforce by carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment in line with the HSE guidance and government specified recommendations. The government also advises that the risk assessment report should be made available to the workforce and made available on the company website. This will provide evidence of steps taken by the employer to minimise risks and ensure employee safety as well as help to reassure those employees who may be anxious about returning to work.

Risk assessment by an external occupational health provider has the benefit of ensuring that any assessment completed and recommendations made are impartial and completed by experienced risk assessors. Here at Physiotherapy Matters Ltd. we can undertake a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment tailored to your business needs and will consider all aspects of a working day including

  • Home working
  • Hygiene procedures
  • Social distancing
  • Equipment suitability
  • Workplace management

The risk assessment will document measures currently in place, identify areas of higher risk and provide recommendations of risk reducing strategies in accordance with government guidance.

The scale of the risk assessment required will vary dependent on individual business needs and can range from individual-focussed through to company-focussed. Individual-focussed assessments look at the risks associated with one specific employee returning to work. While this is not a medical assessment, the assessor will ask the employee about any underlying health conditions which they feel may mean they are classified as ‘high risk’ and , with consent, document these and recommend further medical clarification to decide if the employee needs additional support or consideration.

Larger scale risk assessments could look at a team of workers, or a department with similar working practices. Or risk assessments could even look at the business as a whole to provide a more general overview.

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