Telephone Triage

Physiotherapy Matters have extensive experience in offering telephone assessment and advice services to a large range of businesses across the North East. This service can be offered as a stand-alone option or alongside an existing occupational physiotherapy service.

Physiotherapy telephone triage services are commonplace in contemporary health care services and they offer a number of unique advantages when managing musculoskeletal conditions including:

• Fast access to assessment (typically within 48 hours)
• Convenience of not having to take time from work to attend appointments
• Receive early advice to manage their condition
• Appropriate signposting to our electronic self-help resources

What does a telephone assessment involve?

• A 20-30minute call at an agreed and convenient time
• An assessment which involves questions about the MSK complaint and their general health
• The opportunity for the employee to ask questions relating to how best to manage their symptoms
• A diagnosis and specific advice about how to best manage the condition
• The call will typically be followed up with an email to the employee with self-help guides and tailored exercises

Following the call and with the employees consent a detailed occupational physiotherapy report can be sent to the HR department, Occupational Health and the employees GP. This will provide details of the employee’s condition, functional ability and long term prognosis.

In instances where the physiotherapist feels that a face to face appointment is required the employee can either be booked into a face to face slot if a service exists or signposted to the NHS physiotherapy systems. Where a national service is required any face to face physiotherapy appointments can be offered via our extensive network of physiotherapy partners that have been checked and vetted to ensure they meet our standards.

Our experience tells us that employees who receive quick access to assessment and advice for musculoskeletal conditions from a Specialist Occupational Physiotherapist are likely to recover quicker. This will improve the health and wellbeing of the employee as well as reducing the financial impact on the business associated with absence and reduced productivity.

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