Off-Site Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Matters provides a range of occupational healthcare physiotherapy services for a number of companies within the region. One of the services we offer is an ‘off-site’ service. This is where physiotherapy assessment and treatment is provided away from the place of work.  Employees can be referred directly to one of our North East clinics. Staff are seen promptly without medical referral and management reports are provided to the company to help manage the employee safely. It’s simple and it’s quick.


The evidence strongly supports the benefits of early diagnosis and physiotherapy intervention in the treatment of the majority of musculoskeletal conditions. With the correct management patients can expect to get better quicker. This results in obvious benefits for the individual but also offers the employer a great opportunity. Prompt intervention helps employees to stay fit for work. It also reduces sickness leave and helps people to get back to work quicker.


Here at Physiotherapy Matters we are able to offer prompt and thorough physiotherapy assessment with one of our expert team. Employers receive a detailed report following the assessment outlining the best course of action to take and the likely outcome. Employees also receive a clear explanation about their condition and are given advice about the treatment required to get them better.


For the convenience of our patients we are open 6 days a week and offer evening appointments if preferred. There are a number of free car parking spaces available at our Gosforth clinic. Alternatively, the Regent Centre Metro Station is only a two or three minute walk from the clinic.


In line with best practice, Physiotherapy Matters consistently adopts a ‘patient centred’ approach for all of our services and informed consent from the individual being treated is essential.


We also offer all of our ‘off-site’ physiotherapy patients a complimentary pilates session in our new exercise studio adjoining the clinic. Pilates improves flexibility and wellbeing and can greatly enhance the beneficial effects of physiotherapy.


Our ‘off-site’ physiotherapy services include:

  • Telephone consultation assessments where the physiotherapist takes a full history over the phone and provides immediate help and advice;
  • Prompt face-to-face appointments for ‘hands on’ care and advice;
  • Return-to-work assessments for employees returning after a period of sickness absence. Recommendations might include: a phased return to work; or a period of restricted duties;
  • Fit-to-work assessments to assess the suitability of a job role for an individual suffering from a specific musculoskeletal disorder. This service can offer practical changes and solutions.


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