Low Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common and can often be split into two ‘types’ of pain

Non-specific back pain

Non-specific means the cause of the pain cannot be identified or linked to one particular cause and is the most common. Non-specific back pain can be caused by:

  • poor posture
  • overstretching the back muscles during exercise
  • the strain of the muscle after lifting heavy objects.

Specific back pain

Specific back pain is rare and can be caused by a variety of diseases including;

  • degenerative changes
  • osteoporosis
  • disc bulges

Specific back pain accounts for approximately 10-15% of all back pain cases.

All of the above causes of lower back pain can be treated here at Physiotherapy Matters

Treatment may consist of:

  • Manual therapy including joint mobilisation
  • Soft tissue mobilisations
  • Postural and ergonomic advice

Back pain can be very debilitating and can affect every aspect of your life. Our experienced Physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment; discuss with you their findings and put together an individualised treatment plan.

If indicated our specialists can refer for appropriate imaging include a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Low back pain is common in the UK population affecting around one-third of adults every year. It is often described as tension, stiffness or an ache in your back. At Physiotherapy Matters, we offer a number of treatments aimed at easing and eliminating your back pain.

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