Golf Screening Assessment

Whether you are a professional looking to get an extra edge over your competition, or the club player wanting to get out of the rough and on the fairway, our golf specialist will provide the answers.

Golf Screening


Your assessment will take place in our modern facility and will be conducted by a Physiotherapist with a passion for golf.

Golf Screening can be useful in the following cases:


  • Chronic and reoccurring joint pain when playing golf
  • The player who finds it difficult to implement the advice from the golf professional
  • Junior and Youth players who are exposed to growth spurts


During the assessment a detailed history of your golf career including your aims and goals associated will be discussed.


The assessment will also include aspects specifically focused on the golf swing, these include:


  • Spine and pelvis mobility
  • Core and abdominal control
  • Proprioception and timing
  • Biomechanics and joint alignment

Your 60-minute screening
can be booked by calling 0333 2200 238

Golf Injury Management


Using the latest treatment techniques, our golf specialist is able to guide you to ensure the very best results from your rehabilitation.

Treatments may include:



If you provide consent, our specialist will discuss the findings of our assessment with your golf professional to ensure that your programme is consistent throughout your golf support network.

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Your 45-minute golf injury assessment
can be booked by calling 0333 2200 238


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