Information Governance

Information governance, is the set of policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to manage information and looks at an organisations regulation, risk, environment and operational requirements.


The purpose of information governance is to allow organisations to measure their compliance against the law and central guidance and to see whether data is handled appropriately and protected from unauthorised access, loss, damage and destruction.


Information governance (IG) is the way in which the NHS handles all of its information, in particular the personal and sensitive information relating to patients and employees. It provides a framework to ensure that personal information is dealt with legally, securely, efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver the best possible care. 


Information governance incorporates information security and protection, compliance, data governance, risk management, confidentiality, archiving, knowledge management, business process and management, audit, analysis, IT management and data.


Physiotherapy Matters are proud to have been compliant with IG since 2013.


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