Occupational Health

At Physiotherapy Matters we have been providing Occupational Health & Physiotherapy Services to businesses across the North East for over 10 years. We understand the importance of supporting wellbeing at work and the effect this can have on employee engagement and fitness for work.


It is well documented that work is beneficial for health, yet sickness absence due to common physical conditions remains significantly high in the UK. We aim to take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing with the aim of preventing or reducing the occurrence of ill health in the earliest stages.


We also work alongside employers with our reactive services to support the employer and the employee in assessing and managing fitness to work. Our primary goal is always to improve the employee wellbeing and get them back to full health but a by-product of this is that we also encourage employees back to work in a safe and efficient manner, reducing the associated costs to the business of absence and poor productivity.


Employers are supported in managing employees who may be struggling at work and there is an increase in employee engagement and workplace wellbeing as employees feel more supported through any health conditions.


We have expertise in delivering specialist Occupational Physiotherapy, ergonomic services as well as workplace wellbeing events including exercise classes and tailored training. All our services are adapted to meet the needs of the business and the employees, ensuring that each customer always gets the best service for them.

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Our services include:


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We provide bespoke training packages to suit your needs.

We provide experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapists who have experience in a broad range of sectors.

Rapid access to physiotherapy is a key part of a successful musculoskeletal service.

One of the key aims of occupation health provision is reducing sickness absence. This has a direct link to productivity and performance.

Suited to larger organisations, onsite physiotherapy provides the convenience and rapid access to experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapists.

Our service ensures that your employees can be referred to one of our private clinics for expert assessment and treatment.

Workplace ergonomics is the science that addresses the relationship between the employee and the working environment, because it considers individual capabilities and tasks as well as the work environment, ergonomics can be applied to an organisation.


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