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We provide experienced Occupational Health Physiotherapists who have experience in a broad range of sectors. If appropriate, equipment may be recommended and specific advice will be provided regarding postural and behavioural factors which may contribute to musculoskeletal injury.


Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is often referred to as Visual Display Units (VDU) or Computer workstations and includes laptops, tablets and other similar devices that incorporate a display screen. With the average desk worker spending up to nine hours of their day at their workstation it is vital that the arrangement and set up of equipment is appropriate for the user.


Employees who regularly use computer equipment often report discomfort in the neck, shoulder, back or arms and may also be prone to eye strain or fatigue. The development of these symptoms invariably leads to reduced productivity in the workplace. Whilst these disorders do not indicate any serious ill health it is always good practice to ensure that the working environment is as ergonomically satisfactory as possible. Businesses should also be mindful of the health and safety regulations requiring them to protect the health of people who work with DSE.


At Physiotherapy Matters we offer a full package of training, assessment and advisory services that help employers to address DSE issues and comply with legal obligations.


We can also assess workstations and other work areas to identify problems, and recommend affordable remedial actions that will help to make employees more comfortable and productive at work.


Workstation assessment may be required in various working environments ranging from laboratories, factory floors or classrooms. Appropriate assessment of the work place with evidence based recommendations may be required to minimise the potential impact of musculoskeletal disorders.

Our range of services include:

  • Standard DSE Assessments: Our specialists will carry out onsite DSE assessments and provide a comprehensive report of their findings. They will make immediate alterations and also provide detailed recommendations within the report regarding any specific equipment which is advised.  


  • Advanced Musculoskeletal DSE & Workplace: We will carry out a comprehensive DSE assessment and workplace review for those employees with complex work demands or complex health needs.


  • DSE Multi User Assessment & Report: We can provide a tailored service to suite your needs. Our specialist will provide detailed advice for each user and provide recommendations across the scope of your business.
  • DSE User Training: Our specialist will provide a package of training depending on the needs of the organisation.  


  • DSE Assessor Training: We can train your DSE assessors and employees on ergonomic principles, optimal postures, and working practices. Packages start from a one day DSE user training and includes presentations, practical demonstrations and assessment.  All trainers will receive a certificate of course completion.   

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