Community MSK Services

Community MSK Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Matters have a long history of providing NHS Community Musculoskeletal Services across the Northeast of England. Our remote and face-to-face services provide evidence-based assessment and treatments services delivered within GP practices that are audited against up to date guidelines and care pathways relating to musculoskeletal disorders. Clinicians are supported and supervised at regular intervals to ensure highest standards of care are maintained. Patients are encouraged to take a central role in their own recovery and great emphasis is placed increasing general activity levels and promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

What matters to you, matters to us…

Clinical Effectiveness

We have a strong emphasis on ensuring patients’ lives are improved and measure this using validated outcome measures. We ensure our clinicians are offering optimal interventions with regular training, clinical supervision and developing a culture that promotes the embedding of research into practice.

Patient Centred

The phrase ‘no decision about me, without me’ is central to our practice and patients are actively encouraged to share the decision about their care. Clinicians undergo specialist communication training to ensure this becomes a habit with all patients. This is facilitated by the use of patient information leaflets and appropriate social prescribing to local services that may help meet their physical, psychological, social and emotional needs.

Cost Effective

Patient engagement with their own treatment plan is central to our practice and this focus on self-management allows patients to manage their condition effectively and limit unnecessary consultation costs. Patients are referred onwards for imaging or secondary care only when indicated thus limiting inappropriate referrals and subsequently offering savings to the health economy.

Optimum experience

We believe the experience of receiving physiotherapy should be positive and leave a lasting impression that promotes the ethos of health and wellbeing through physical activity. We regularly survey our patients to assess their satisfaction with our referral processes, patient-physio interactions and the overall satisfaction with the clinical outcomes. Furthermore, our GP satisfaction surveys allow us to ensure that the service offered meets the expectations of our referring colleagues.

Why choose Physiotherapy Matters?

  • Trusted: We have a long history of providing effective community NHS MSK services in the North East.
  • Competent: All our physiotherapists are appropriately trained, mentored and supervised
  • Safe: Governance arrangements regarding patient documentation, data security and onward referral will be implemented.
  • Efficient: Patient complaint management, data collection and reporting will be included in the service.
  • Organised: As a ISO 9001: 2015 accredited company we will optimise quality processes involved in the delivery of the service.
  • Flexible: We can be flexible to your needs and can adjust the service offering in a timely manner.

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