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Meet our wonderful team at MSK NHS department of Physiotherapy Matters

At Physiotherapy Matters we have a team with a range of experiences to be able to deliver services as First Contact Professionals, Community Physiotherapy Services, Triage services, Domiciliary Physiotherapy, Education, and Rehabilitation. The skills in the team range from Injection therapy, Acupuncture, McKenzie, Society of Orthopaedic Medicine, MSK teaching and education, Kinetic Control, Shockwave Therapy, and Chronic pain management.

Physiotherapy Matters team are trained to advance practice clinical reasoning and management to identify MSK and None-MSK Disorder, challenged to critically think through detailed review of systems thinking and its application to clinical practice.

Neeraj Nayyar

Managing Director and MSK Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Claire Campbell

Business Manager

Kristi Bester

MSK Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Emma Papadopoulos

Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Bethany Gebhard

MSK Physiotherapist

Robert Henderson

MSK Physiotherapist

Edward Shaw

MSK Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Kirsty Davison

Finance and Business Support Manager

Danielle Young

Administration Manager

Abbey MacDonald

Receptionist & Administrator

Karen Oxley

Receptionist and Administrator

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