Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy Matters have been providing pre and post Orthopaedic surgical physiotherapy to independent healthcare providers since 2016. The independent hospital and day units deliver both private and NHS orthopaedic surgery but do not have their own internal physiotherapist so are outsourced to Physiotherapy Matters. The services are delivered on site at the healthcare providers location on a regular or ad hoc basis as well as ad hoc referrals are made where we offer services at one of our northeast clinics.

Pre operative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Matters deliver pre operative physiotherapy following an orthopaedic surgeon assessment if physiotherapy is recommended to help avoid surgery or to begin rehabilitation prior to planned surgery. These can include:

  • Neck pain causing nerve root compression
  • Shoulder problems due to rotator cuff related shoulder pain, frozen shoulder or shoulder instability
  • Elbow pain due to arthritis, epicondylitis, or ulnar nerve entrapment
  • Wrist and hand pain due to carpel tunnel, arthritis or tendinopathies
  • Lower back pain due to due to discogenic or facet joint problems
  • Hip pain due to labral tears, osteoarthritis, or lesions
  • Knee pain due to meniscal or ligament injuries
  • Foot and ankle pain due to plantar fasciitis, ligament ruptures or tendon injuries

Discharge Physiotherapy day of surgery

Physiotherapy Matters provide onsite immediate post operative advice, exercises, walking aid fitting including crutches, gait assessment including stair assessments, and brace or splint fitting where required. This service is usually for cases including:

  • Hand surgery requiring thermoplastic moulded hand splints
  • Knee surgery such as ACL reconstructions requiring knee braces and the use of crutches
  • Foot and ankle surgery requiring a moonboot, wedge shoe or Velcro show to fit the dressings, together with gait assessment with crutches
  • Any lower limb surgery that may require none or partial weightbearing discharge safe assessments of use of walking aids

Post operative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Matters offer onsite regular (weekly) clinics or receive ad hoc clinic based referrals requiring post surgery rehabilitation, following any post op protocols, restrictions or are able to make progress based on symptoms and expected healing and recovery time frames. Common post operative producers seen include:

  • Spinal decompression or fusion surgery
  • Shoulder decompression, hydro dilation, rotator cuff repairs or shoulder replacement
  • Elbow ulnar nerve release, tendon release, or elbow replacement
  • Wrist and hand surgery including trapeziectomy, dupuytren’s release, trigger point release or carpel tunnel release
  • Hip arthroscopy, labral repair or total hip replacement
  • Knee surgery including ACL or PCL reconstruction, meniscectomy, arthroscopy or total knee replacement
  • Foot and ankle surgery including bunionectomy, ankle joint replacement, lateral ligament reconstruction or great toe fusion

What Physiotherapy Matters provide

Clinical Effectiveness: Robust clinical governance and quality management in line with ISO 9001:2015 standard

Patient Centred: Providing patient with treatment options assist with joint decision making process

Flexibility: Delivering services at a choice of locations (onsite clinics or off site referrals), regular (weekly) or ad hoc clinics, weekend and evening cover where required

Cost Effective: Following post care pathways, with an emphasis on home independent rehabilitation with appropriate guidance

Management Information: Data collection on clinic utilisation, number of referrals, average number of appointments per case, clinical outcome measures and patient satisfaction results

Optimum Experience: Staff with Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal work experience and training who are mentored and supervised

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