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At Physiotherapy Matters we have been providing Occupational Health & Physiotherapy Services to businesses across the Northeast since 2007. We understand the importance of supporting wellbeing at work and the effect this can have on employee engagement and fitness for work.

It is well documented that work is beneficial for health, yet sickness absence due to common physical conditions remains significantly high in the UK. We aim to take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing with the aim of preventing or reducing the occurrence of ill health in the earliest stages.

We also work alongside employers with our reactive services to support the employer and the employee in assessing and managing fitness to work. Our primary goal is always to improve the employee wellbeing and get them back to full health but a by-product of this is that we also encourage employees back to work in a safe and efficient manner, reducing the associated costs to the business of absence and poor productivity.

Employers are supported in managing employees who may be struggling at work and there is an increase in employee engagement and workplace wellbeing as employees feel more supported through any health conditions.

We have expertise in delivering specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapy and ergonomic services, as well as workplace wellbeing initiatives including educational workshops and exercise classes, and comprehensive training programmes. All our services are adapted to meet the needs of the business and the employees, ensuring that each customer always gets the best service for them.

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Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services


Our Services

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Our bespoke occupational health physiotherapy services provide rapid access to expert physiotherapy assessment and management of any musculoskeletal concerns onsite, offsite or remotely.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Our functional capacity assessments provide a systematic and comprehensive assessment of an individual’s current medical conditions, their relevance to work, their current functional capacity and their prognosis.

Ergonomic Services

Our ergonomic services can be utilised to assess level of risk and provide advice on ergonomic design of the workplace or workstations to optimise safety and productivity of an individual or entire workforce.

Wellbeing and Health Promotion Services

Our specialist occupational health physiotherapists, in partnership with our mental health partners, can work with you to develop and provide a varied, proactive and holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

Wellness Matters Programme

Our Wellness Matters Programme provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, bespoke approach to the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees to help your business achieve your wellbeing goals.

Onsite Employee Training Programmes

Our comprehensive training programmes provide evidence-based education to your employees or management team to ensure optimal working practices and business compliance with health and safety law.

Offsite Employee Training Programmes

Occupational Health Employee Training As well as providing employee training programmes for groups of employees at your place of work […]

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Rapid access to physiotherapy is a key part of a successful musculoskeletal service.

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