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Reviews by Older People Physiotherapy clients

Nursing home advised physio would help with my health as well as exercise classes. I had poor mobility and very swollen legs which have now completely gone due to the physiotherapy I have received. I couldn’t walk well and was in a large amount of pain all the time. My walking has improved, I now walk with my son without using my walker and just link his arm out and about in town. My family has noticed a big change and are very happy with the progress.

Doreen Walker

I suffer from severe arthritis in both knees and have ostenil injections to ease the pain. I visit Physiotherapy Matters annually for Ostenil injections and have done since 2012. The injections give me relief from almost constant pain and give me much greater mobility. I thoroughly recommend.

Barbra Downs

They provide holistic care, looking at my mum; particular needs and preferences and helping her progress after her knee replacement. Excellent physio’s who supports my mum through her journey, coaching and supporting her through with encouragement, advice and excellent care. The staff at Physiotherapy Matters are also highly professional and pleasant. Highly recommended service.

Ali Raza

I suffer from severe arthritis. I’ve visited since 2012 for injections and will continue to do so, I thoroughly recommend.


Before receiving physio at my care home I couldn’t walk well and was in a lot of pain. My family has noticed a big change and are very happy with the progress.

Doreen Walker

I am back on my feet, at one time I thought I was in a wheelchair forever. I was very worried that I would not be independent, but the improvement has been so good that I feel it is now possible.

Anne Morris

The treatment I have received has benefitted me greatly. I am more mobile and stronger due to these sessions.

Mary Potts

As a result of a successful pilot project to assess the benefits of regular physiotherapy sessions for care home residents and staff, Hadrian Healthcare Group is to continue the programme and extend it throughout the group. Everyone who took part was clearly seen to benefit physically and psychologically over the three months of the pilot project. We had no hesitation in extending the programme across all our homes to help enhance the quality of life our residents enjoy.

Morag Purvis

My Dad has made so much progress with you and he is feeling very upbeat now. We are all delighted as we had been so worried about him.


Helen Wilson has been treating me since June 2019 whilst I have been a resident in the Manor House, Gosforth. She has made a great difference to my mobility and progress. She encourages you to achieve goals of which you did not think you were capable.
Apart from being an excellent physio she has great social skills and all my fellow residents also find her services excellent.
We shall never see her like again.

Peter Byrne (30th Jan 2020)

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