Home Visits

Home Visits

Most people are familiar with attending a physiotherapy clinic to improve their aches and pains. But what about those people who find it difficult to attend an appointment due to numerous different reasons? For these people and especially those with mobility issues, home physiotherapy visits can be a huge help.

Our home visit service is a great alternative if you need physiotherapy input but are unable to attend one of our clinics. You will receive the same great high-quality service by one of our qualified physiotherapists but in the convenience of your home.

We tailor our home physiotherapy visits to suit each individual client’s needs. But here are a few reasons that many of our clients have chosen to have a home visit appointment:

  • Recovering from Orthopaedic surgery including hip and knee replacements
  • Acute / severe back and neck pain which limits your ability to travel
  • Individuals with poor mobility
  • When a home physiotherapy assessment is more functional, and we can assess your home circumstances
  • Falls prevention assessment
  • Mobility assessment
  • For anyone requiring greater confidentiality

Our reception team will manage all bookings and ensure we come out to you at a time which is convenient for you.

We will bring all the equipment that we need and may include treatment beds, exercise equipment and other consumables.

Our physiotherapists can come out to your home, your place of work or if you are based in a nursing or residential facility.

Once treatment has started and you start making progress and feel well enough to visit one of our clinics, your treatment can be simply switched to one of our clinics

Resources downloads

Older People Physiotherapy – Patient Information Leaflet


How to arrange a Home Visit?

Simply Call 0191 285 8701 and our reception team will manage your booking. If you wish to speak to one of our physiotherapists in advance, please ask to speak to one of our clinicians.


Within 10 mile radius of NE3 3LU £130 per visit
10-20 mile radius of NE3 3LU £160 per visit

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