Fall Prevention

Older people falling is the number one reason that older people are taken to the accident and emergency department at hospitals. Most falls don’t cause serious injury but they can leave you feeling anxious and distressed. Physiotherapy Matters understand the importance of staying active and exercising regularly as you age and our elderly physiotherapy services are structured with elderly fall prevention in mind.

As we get older, our muscle strength and balance reduces, which contributes to an increased risk of falls in older adults. Through physiotherapy, you can learn exercises designed to improve muscle strength and balance to help reduce your risk of a fall. These exercises can be undertaken at home – including exercising while seated and exercises to improve strength, balance and movement. Older adults at risk of falls, such as people with weak legs, poor balance and some medical conditions, should do exercises to improve balance and coordination on at least two days a week.

After a fall we often find that confidence is knocked and many people fear they will have another fall. As part of our elderly fall prevention service, we can discuss how you can make small changes to your daily life to reduce the risk of falling and help you get your confidence back.

We will discuss ways of preventing falls both at home and out and about. From which shoes to wear to removing clutter and trailing wires; as well as putting an exercise plan together to make sure you’re keeping your bones and muscle strong to improve your stance and everyday movements.

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