Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is the systematic and comprehensive assessment of an individual’s abilities.

The assessment involves the use of verified assessment and measurement to gather detailed information with regards to an individual’s health, medical history, and current functional ability.

All FCE’s are completed by one of our specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapists with extensive training and experience in functional capacity evaluation.  Assessment findings and extensive clinical knowledge is used to provide a detailed report to the employer regarding any relevant medical conditions, their relevance to work, their current functional capacity and their prognosis. The extensive report helps to ensure optimal decisions can be made regarding an employee’s fitness to work.

Why use a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

FCE allows objective and standardised evaluation of an employee’s current functional capacity.  FCE could be used as part of:

  • Pre-employment screening to ensure new employees or employees with health conditions are not asked to undertake work that exceeds their capability.
  • Return to work planning to allow employees a safe return to work following an injury.
  • Capacity assessment to identify reasonable adjustments for employees with long term or chronic health conditions.

What are the options?

Our Functional Capacity Evaluations range from 2-3 hours dependent on the assessment required.  For example, a basic general assessment would take 2 hours to complete, an upper limb assessment would take 2.5 hours, while a full general assessment would take 3 hours. The reason for assessment and the nature of the proposed work would inform the type and length of assessment.

Assessment can be completed onsite (dependent on equipment availability and space suitability) or at our North East based clinic in our fully equipped assessment suite.

Functional Capacity Evaluation can be used alongside an Ergonomic Assessment as part of a comprehensive management package to ensure all factors have been considered when decisions are being made during return to work planning.

FCE’s can also be completed during onsite Occupational Health Physiotherapy Service clinic hours at no extra cost (equipment dependent).

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