e-Learning: The PML Learning Dashboard

We at Physiotherapy Matters are dedicated to helping business improve their employee learning and development.  Our PML e-Learning Dashboard provides a bespoke and flexible approach to help you improve and manage your employees learning and development in one place by providing access to an array of management tools and wellbeing e-learning opportunities such as manual handling e-learning courses.

Benefits to Employees

Our e-Learning service provides quick and easy access to an array of high-quality workshops and training programmes, designed and produced by experts in all fields.  Each course is split across several short modules that can be completed all at once, or at short intervals in the time it takes to drink a cuppa.  At the end of each module the learner is provided with a number of downloadable resources from quality sources such as the NHS, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the British Heart Foundation, as well as resources from the expert tutor which are exclusively for attendees of our courses.

The learner consolidates their knowledge at the end of each module with a short quiz, then at the end of the course, the learner is provided with an action plan that they can complete to ensure that their learning transforms into meaningful action.

Benefits for Managers

We have a vast array of e-Learning options currently available to cover all wellbeing topics, including physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing, however, if you can’t find something you want, just ask us and we can find, or create, courses that meet your specific business need.  You have control over the pass rate of the end-of-module quiz, as well as how many attempts a learner is able to complete their test, and are able to download/print course certificates.  You also have the power to design and set your own post-learning survey to capture data from each learner about their experiences.

We also know that the needs of an individual workforce varies significantly throughout an organisation, so you are also able to assign courses to specific teams, sites, roles or individual learners.

With our Learning Dashboard you will be able to monitor compliance and activity, as well as tracking face to face events and storing historical training records.  This way you keep up to date with employee learning in real-time, and it is easy to see at a glance who is not compliant.

Finally, our Library tool allows you to build your own library of documents, videos and resources, whilst controlling who has access to what item, and monitoring who has read which item.


All course content can be read and listened to, and all are available on a smartphone app if the learner prefers.

The Google Translation tool allows course completion in any of 108 languages so nothing gets ‘lost in translation’.

Finally, our dyslexia tool to allows learners to change their own background colour to pastel colours which can help alleviate visual stress and improve symptoms commonly related to dyslexia.


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