Wellness Matters Programme

Here at Physiotherapy Matters we are passionate about helping business of all sizes access high quality, proactive occupational health support. Our Wellness Matters programme, with its tiered subscription model, allows us to make tailored occupational health support more accessible for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger companies.

Wellness Matters Tiers by Physiotherapy Matters

Wellness Matters is an employee centred service designed to benefit both the employee and employer by improving employee wellbeing, reducing the likelihood of preventable physical and mental health conditions, and providing early advice and management options for any issues that do arise.

The main aims of the service are:

  • To improve employee physical and mental wellbeing
  • To assist employers in achieving welling goals
  • To reduce the time spent by employers finding health promotional resources
  • To provide quick access to advice through our online resources
  • To reduce the cost of reactive services
  • To reduce the costs of avoidable presenteeism and absenteeism

As we know that each business has unique requirements, our programmes are designed to provide adaptable services to suit your individual business needs and a varied workforce. With each of the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages you get access to our 3hour Flexi-clinics. The Flexi-clinic sessions alternate between physiotherapist and counsellor led clinics and you can select the service(s) you want each time to suit the needs of your employees and business. Examples of services provided include


  • Drop in physio assessment and advice
  • Sports massages
  • Workplace assessments
  • Department walk arounds including DSE assessment
  • Exercise classes
  • Group sessions/wellbeing training


  • Mental health MOT assessments
  • ‘Sleep clinic’ sessions
  • Full mental health assessments
  • Group sessions/wellbeing training
  • Review of existing health and wellbeing policies

All Wellness Matters subscribers will also have private access to our online Wellness Matters portal with downloadable resources including advice leaflets for common musculoskeletal conditions, advice leaflets to help improve mental wellbeing, and informative, topical monthly blogs often based around national health and wellbeing campaigns.

To discuss you’re the wellbeing needs of your workforce, please call 0333 2200 238 or email info@physiotherapymatters.co.uk

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