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At Physiotherapy Matters we have a number of highly trained, specialist Occupational Physiotherapists with a wide range of experience delivering services to a variety of industries including: manufacturing, transport, food production, finance and education. We are advocates for improving workplace wellbeing and pride ourselves on our ability to provide high quality service and adapt our approach to best suit the needs of the business.

Our Occupational Physiotherapy Services are split into 2 main areas; Onsite Physiotherapy and Offsite Physiotherapy. Both services are aimed at improving employee health and wellbeing and providing a return on investment to the business.

Onsite Physiotherapy Service

In our Onsite Physiotherapy Service, we come to you. Delivering specialist assessment and treatment services from your place of work. This is recommended for larger employers or employers with high numbers of employees reporting musculoskeletal disorders.

The benefits of the Onsite Occupational Physiotherapy Service are the ease of access for employees who will not need to take time out of work to travel to and from appointments. We will also be able to provide wellbeing services within the clinical hours. This may include workplace assessments, Spinal Awareness or Manual Handling Training, or ergonomic assessments, or even exercise classes tailored to the needs of the company and the employees. It will also allow direct communication between the Occupational Physiotherapist and any HR, Management and Occupational Health Services.

Offsite Physiotherapy Service

Our Offsite Occupational Physiotherapy Services allows companies to refer employees directly into one of our 3 North East based Physiotherapy Clinics. This is ideal for smaller businesses who may just want to access the services on an adhoc basis or for companies with limited room availability.

In both services we engage directly with HR, management and existing Occupational Health services to ensure smooth management of the patient from the moment of referral to the point of discharge from the service. Efficient referral processes ensure that employees access the service quickly and receive the right care straight away. This early intervention minimises the impact of the condition on the individual and the business, improving employee wellbeing at work.

As Physiotherapists we will support in the management of any musculoskeletal or physical conditions which affect normal movement and human function. This may be from a condition that has developed gradually e.g. repetitive strain injuries or as the result of a specific incident e.g. car accident. We strongly believe in the health benefits of work for employee wellbeing and encourage safe, active recovery and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Matters take an active role in supporting the business with absence management, using detailed reports and face to face communication to provide specific advice regarding an employee’s condition, functional ability and long term prognosis. Promoting safe return to work, increasing workplace wellbeing and reducing the associated financial impact on the business. Evidence suggests that companies can expect to receive a return of between £5-10 for every £1 spent on Occupational Physiotherapy.

In addition to our assessment and treatment services we can provide additional, specialist Occupational Physiotherapy Services including health and wellbeing training, ergonomic assessments, work place assessments, functional capacity assessments and exercise sessions.

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