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Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services

At Physiotherapy Matters we have a number of highly trained, specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapists with a wide range of experience delivering services to a variety of industries including: manufacturing, transport, food production, engineering and education. Our Occupational Health Physiotherapists are experienced in managing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace, as well as providing a tangible return on investment by reducing costs associated with absence and lost productivity.  We work with each of our client companies to develop a bespoke Occupational Health Physiotherapy service based on their individual business need.  Your service could, therefore, include components from one or all of the below options.

Remote Triage and Advice Services

Research tells us that rapid access to appropriate medical advice can greatly improve the speed of recovery of musculoskeletal disorders and prevent worsening.  Furthermore, our experience tells us that rapid access to individualised advice from a Specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapist can greatly reduce the chance of absence or reduced productivity.

Our remote triage and advice service offers your workforce rapid access to advice  in order to manage musculoskeletal disorders as early as possible, reducing costs to the business associated with absence, reduced productivity and inappropriate use of occupational health services.

A typical triage call will involve a basic assessment of the employee’s condition and associated limitations, as well as screening for any ‘red flags’ that may need urgent medical attention.  The Specialist Occupational Physiotherapist can then provide appropriate and relevant self-management advice, and determine the need for onward referral, such as to  Onsite/Offsite Physiotherapy Services (see below) where they exist, NHS physiotherapy systems, or other occupational health services working with your businesses, such as the occupational health nurse or foot clinic. In instances where urgent medical attention is needed, the employee will be signposted to the appropriate NHS  primary care service.

Onsite Physiotherapy Service

In our Onsite Physiotherapy Service, we come to you, delivering specialist assessment and treatment services from your place of work in a regular clinic. This is recommended for larger employers or employers with high numbers of employees reporting musculoskeletal disorders as it is most cost effective.  Onsite clinics also facilitates direct communication between the Occupational Health Physiotherapist and any HR, Management, Health and Safety and Occupational Health Services.

During the Onsite Physiotherapy clinic hours we would also be able to provide remote triage and advice services, as well as bespoke wellbeing services and ergonomic services, at no extra cost.

Offsite Physiotherapy Service

Our Offsite Occupational Physiotherapy Services allows companies to refer employees directly into one of our 3 North East based Physiotherapy Clinics. This is ideal for smaller businesses with fewer employees, or for companies with limited room availability.

Appointment’s can be booked on an adhoc basis, or regular half day/full day clinics can be organised.  Regular clinics allow early access to available appointments, and during the clinic hours we would also be able to provide remote triage and advice services, as well as  bespoke wellbeing services and ergonomic services, only incurring any associated travel time and mileage costs.

Remote Physiotherapy Service

Remote physiotherapy services are commonplace in contemporary healthcare services, including occupational health and NHS settings.  Physiotherapy Matters have extensive experience in offering remote occupational health physiotherapy services to a large range of businesses across a variety of sectors.  This service can be offered as a stand alone option or as part of an onsite/offsite physiotherapy service.

Our remote physiotherapy consultations are completed 100% of the time by musculoskeletal and occupational health specialist physiotherapists and have been shown to be highly effective in managing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace, including return to work planning.  Other remote services include remote wellbeing services, training programmes and ergonomic services.


In all our Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services we engage directly with HR, management and existing Occupational Health services to ensure optimal and efficient use of the service, as well as smooth management of the patient from the moment of referral to the point of discharge.  This involves regular reporting for each employee with regards to their specific condition, functional capacity and long term prognosis in order to ensure employees stay in work, or are able to return to work quickly and safely.

Physiotherapy Matters also takes an active role in supporting the business with absence management, using detailed reports and face to face communication to provide comprehensive quarterly and annual summaries of trends within the business as well as return on investment calculation.  Evidence suggests that companies can expect to receive a return of between £5-10 for every £1 spent on Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services.


To discuss how a bespoke Occupational Health Service could benefit your business and workforce, call us on 0191 285 8701 or email us at info@physiotherapymatters.co.uk.

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