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Prevention is better than cure!

One of the key aims of occupational health provision is reducing sickness absence. Our workplace wellbeing services will help you do just that by providing a proactive solution rather than a reactive solution.  By improving workforce wellbeing we can prevent many common musculoskeletal conditions and improve employee engagement, ultimately improving productivity and reducing sickness absence.  Wellbeing services can be provided on an adhoc basis which means you can choose the most appropriate option for your workforce, or, if they are used as part of our Occupational Health Services, we can use data collection and analysis from our Physiotherapy clinics to allow us to identify and target departments or groups of employees at higher risk.  For a more bespoke, regular wellbeing plan, check out our Wellness Matters Programme, ideal for businesses of all sizes!


A proactive approach to employee wellbeing with specifically designed educational workshops can lead to a reduction in musculoskeletal conditions suffered in the workplace.  Our wellbeing workshops can be delivered remotely, onsite or at our North East based clinic.

Some examples of our most popular workshops include

  • The 4 Pillars of Health
  • Health and Wellbeing of the DSE User
  • Health and Wellbeing of the Manual Worker
  • Health and Wellbeing of the Driver
  • Surviving the Home Office
  • Injury Prevention and Management

Physiotherapy-led training sessions are popular and successful as it allows for staff to participate to maximum benefit and interaction with expert advice given during the workshop and in response to employee queries. These workshops involve a mix of visual and oral teaching, the use of props where appropriate and the use of tasks to help attendees reflect on their own situation with the opportunity to ask questions and obtain valuable advice.  Attendees will also be provided with useful resources to be able to access after the workshop to further their learning and reflection.  All our workshops are followed up with feedback to ensure that they remain meaningful and useful to the attendees.

Alternatively, we also provide more comprehensive training courses, including ‘Manual Handling training‘, ‘DSE User training’, ‘DSE Assessor training’, and ‘Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace’.

Drop in Clinics

Our half day/full day drop in clinics provide employees with the ability to ask questions and provides rapid access to expert advice.  Educational material will be provided for attendees to take away and read in their own time.  Our drop in clinics include physical wellbeing clinics, brief DSE workstation checks, or a combination of the two.

Alternatively, we also provide comprehensive Occupational Health Physiotherapy services for employees with significant musculoskeletal issues, as well as comprehensive Ergonomic Workplace Assessments for those with more complex concerns.

Exercise Classes

Physiotherapy Matters can provide a wide range of exercise programmes for your workforce.  These can be delivered remotely, onsite or at our North East based clinic.

Some examples of our most popular exercise classes include

  • Pilates
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Alternatively, our Functional Restoration Programmes provide an option for employees with chronic conditions who are struggling to regain function and/or are struggling to return to work.


Research suggests that those with an increased understanding of health and wellbeing are less likely to develop pain, in particular persistent pain.  Similarly, those with an increased health-literacy are less likely to develop functional limitations due to their pain.  At Physiotherapy Matters we are keen to educate using expert, evidence-based advice, rather than Dr. Google!  With our writing service we can write blogs for your intranet/internal communications.  Topics can be based on public health campaigns, seasonal issues, or can be on request based on the need of your workforce.


Overall this flexible approach helps us to improve employee health and workplace wellbeing in a way that is best suited to that workforce, combining a proactive service to get the best outcomes both for employees and the business.   We are also able to assist those working towards Better Health at Work awards to achieved their wellbeing goals.

To discuss how we can improve the wellbeing of your workforce, contact us on 0333 2200 238 or email us at info@physiotherapymatters.co.uk.

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