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Workplace ergonomics looks at the relationship between the employee and the working environment. It considers individual capabilities, working environment and the specific job tasks and how these can be improved to increase employee wellbeing.

Physiotherapy Matters can offer ergonomic services that comprise a flexible programme of comprehensive workplace assessments, developed and managed by our Specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapists to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Recognised ergonomic assessment tools such as QEC, MAC, ART, RULA and REEBA can be used to analyse and identify the specific risks associated with a job role or task. Following the ergonomic assessment, findings are then presented in a complex report with suggestions for ergonomic solutions for higher risk tasks that may have otherwise led to musculoskeletal pain and associated workplace absence.

Physiotherapy Matters can also offer Ergonomic Assessment Training, helping employers to train individuals to carry out regular ergonomic assessments without the need for external providers. This will allow the business to regularly assess tasks, identify any potential risks and make appropriate ergonomic solutions to help reduce these risks. Minimising any associated cost to the business through musculoskeletal injury.

Appropriate workplace ergonomics can reduce the risk of work-aggravated conditions, improve employee productivity and performance, improve health and safety at work and address legal compliance issues.


Your organisation may be experiencing problems relating to the following:

  • Equipment, seating and workstation design
  • The working environment and workplace layout
  • Health and safety improvement notices
  • Work methods, shift patterns or workload

Our approach will carefully balance the needs for company profits with a safe working environment to:

  • Save you money
  • Help employees feel better
  • Keep people working
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase productivity

Our ergonomic services can be tailored to your needs but may include:

• Employee led workplace assessment: this will assess a job role specific to an individual. Useful for employees with long standing conditions who are struggling with their current role.

• Job specific ergonomic assessment: This assessment focuses on the specific job task rather than an individual. This is useful if you are putting new processes in place and want to try and minimise risk OR if you have reports of numerous injuries or ailments from employees working on the same task indicating it may be a high risk activity. Ranging from heavy manufacturing and the engineering sector, our clinician will provide a comprehensive assessment of your complex working patterns.

• Office ergonomics: Desk based Work Station Assessment, we will provide a detailed report of an employee’s workstation and the potential improvements that could be made.

• Musculoskeletal disorders awareness training: Training to HR managers and line managers, our specialist will assist managers in the identification of musculoskeletal disorders and provide information on ways to manage these in the work place.

• Manual Handling training/courses: Our training includes presentations to staff, practical training on the specific challenges within your workplace and advice about the common movement patterns in your work place. Staff members will receive a certificate to verify course completion.

• Ergonomic Training: Training courses designed to teach nominated employees how to carry out DSE or ergonomic assessments. They will be provided with thorough knowledge of the processes as well as report templates to use in practice.

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