Workstation Assessment

At Physiotherapy Matters we have Specialist Occupational Physiotherapists who have significant experience in delivering workstation assessments in a range of occupational settings.

DSE Assessments

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments or Visual Display Unit (VDU) assessments are workplace assessments for employees who regularly work with computer equipment. This may be in an office setting, at home, in a laboratory or reception. Employees who regularly use computer equipment often report discomfort in the neck, shoulder, back or arms and may also be prone to eye strain or fatigue. The development of these symptoms invariably leads to reduced productivity in the workplace. Whilst these disorders do not indicate any serious ill health it is always good practice to ensure that the working environment is as ergonomically satisfactory as possible. Businesses should also be mindful of the health and safety regulations requiring them to protect the health of people who work with DSE.

DSE workplace assessments involve assessment of the employee’s:

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Screen
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Telephone
  • Use of Paperwork
  • Environment
  • Breaks
  • Other equipment – laptops, tablets, meeting room equipment

Any improvement that can be made at the time of the workstation assessment will be implemented. Further advice and recommendations will be provided and may include postural advice, guidance on job tasks and breaks, training needs and further equipment that may be of benefit. As an independent physiotherapy provider we have no links with any equipment suppliers so will endeavour to make only appropriate and the most cost efficient recommendations. This will improve employee health and wellbeing while minimising and financial impact to the business.

Manual Handling Assessments

Workplace assessments may also be carried out for employees to have a more practical role. This involves observing the employee doing their normal job, breaking it down into individual tasks and highlighting any specific risks. Risks may include lifting, stooping, repetition, prolonged postures, reaching or using poorly designed equipment. Again details of the workstation assessment will be provided in a written report with possible risk reduction strategies or recommendations.

Ergonomic Assessments

At Physiotherapy Matters we take a proactive approach to employee health and wellbeing and, where possible, look to implement employee wellbeing strategies that benefit the whole workforce rather than just one individual. This is where ergonomic assessments can be of benefit. Instead of doing an individual workplace assessment we look at a whole job or task. This may be a section on a production line or any other aspect of a job.
Recognised workplace assessment tools such as MAC (Manual Handling Assessment Charts), ART (Assessment of Repetitive Tasks), REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) to observe, analyse and document on findings, highlighting any areas of high risk and making appropriate recommendations. Helping an employer to carry out a risk assessment and implement cost effective risk reducing strategies. The business is provided with a detailed report of all findings.

Train the Trainer Courses

At some businesses it may not be feasible to get external suppliers in to regularly carry out workplace assessments. At Physiotherapy Matters we have experience in delivering Train the Trainer Courses where we teach nominated employees from a business how to carry out safe, effective workplace and ergonomic assessments. These courses are not aimed at individuals with a medical background so anyone is welcome to take part. The sessions are part presentation and part practical ensuring that participants both learn the relevant theory as well as have a chance to practice their skills and build their confidence. Having designated workstation assessors within a workplace can improve employee wellbeing and engagement as well as greatly reduce long term costs of sickness absence, reduced productivity and the need for outside suppliers.

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