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Reduce Sickness

One of the key aims of occupation health provision is reducing sickness absence. Our workplace wellbeing services will help you do just that. This in turn has a direct link to productivity and performance.
In terms of reducing sickness absences, we not only provide a dynamic assessment and treatment service but also believe strongly in preventative measures, self-management strategies, and seek to educate and advise staff with exercise regimes appropriate to their condition.

Physiotherapy Matters believes prevention is better than a cure and we place a great emphasis on health and wellbeing at work. 

Training Sessions

Within our current organisations, we deliver educational training sessions with the aim of preventing and managing musculoskeletal conditions and improving employee health and wellbeing. The sessions are targeted at common conditions, such as work-related upper limb disorders, lower back pain, and core stability.
Within our existing contracts we use data collection and analysis, to allow us to play a major part in health promotion programs by identifying and targeting areas of high risk or high service usage. A proactive approach to employee wellbeing with specifically designed educational packages can lead to a reduction in musculoskeletal conditions suffered in the workplace.

An example of one of our programs may cover:

  • An introduction to the topic (e.g. repetitive strain injury)
  • Common symptoms and problems associated with the condition
  • Reason for the condition developing and methods to reduce risk
  • When and how to seek treatment and what treatment involves
  • Improved working practice suggestions and assessment within the locality
  • Question and answer slot for employees specific questions relating to their symptoms

Physiotherapy lead training sessions are popular and successful as it allows for staff to participate to maximum benefit and interaction. These workshops involve live demonstrations of various aspects of work related musculoskeletal injury or pain such as back and neck pain, manual handling complaints and repetitive strain injury using props and situations allowing employees to relate to the situation, ask questions, act out their own scenarios and obtain valuable advice on how to improve it.

Diagrams, hand outs and skeletal models are used for explanation of the effects on the body and subsequent methods of prevention of such conditions. Workshops would be regularly reviewed to ensure positive outcomes are achieved. This too could be assessed through the collection of feedback data.

Work Place Assessments

Physiotherapy Matters work alongside personnel and health and safety teams in implementing regular work place assessments. This may be a display screen equipment (DSE) assessment or a manual handling assessment. Throughout this process the Occupational Physiotherapist will look at the workstation set up, equipment, environment, posture and technique. Recommendations to improve employee wellbeing would be made. This may include postural advice, training needs, equipment, guidance on task rotation and breaks, as well as encouraging exercise around the office space, using stairs, drinking water and boosting productivity.

Ergonomic Assessments

Where required we can also provide ergonomic assessments looking at specific job tasks rather than an individual. We use recognised tools such as MAC (Manual Handling Assessment Charts), ART (Assessment of Repetitive Tasks), REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) to observe, analyse and report on findings, highlighting any areas of high risk and making appropriate recommendations. Helping an employer to carry out a risk assessment and implement cost effective risk reducing strategies.

Drop in Sessions

Physiotherapy Matters regularly support local businesses with Health and Wellbeing events by preparing a stand where employees can ask questions relating to their physical health. Employees receive expert advice and be signposted to relevant services to help further manage any conditions. Educational material will be provided for attendees to take away and read in their own time.

Overall this flexible approach helps us to improve employee health and wellbeing in a way that is best suited to that workforce, combining a proactive and reactive service to get the best outcomes both for employees and the business. We provide ourselves on providing a high quality occupational physiotherapy service and the best value for money.

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