Our Pilates service is run by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a strengthening and conditioning exercise programme designed to focus on core strength and improve your flexibility, posture and balance.

Any injuries, movement patterns, muscle timing, and biomechanics will be addressed individually to each client’s needs in their initial screening sessions.

Why should you come to Physiotherapy Matters for Pilates?

We are aware that many different businesses and organisations provide Pilates. From large gyms to Pilates studio’s, various options exist.

From our experience we know that quality is key. We’re proud to only offer small group or one to one sessions, that way we can ensure high quality teaching and close supervision. As our instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists, they will understand your problem and will tailor your programme to suit your needs

Can Pilates help with Lower Back Pain?

There’s some evidence that Pilates can provide pain relief to people with non-specific lower back pain. If exercises are to be effective, they need to be tailored to the individual and vetted by an appropriately qualified health professional. That’s where our experienced physiotherapists come in

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

  • Injury prevention
  • Improved tone
  • Improved posture
  • Increased joint stability


1-1 45 mins £50
1-1 30 mins £40
Physio Led Pilates – 50 min classes £10

(block booking discount of 6 for the price of 5)

I’m not sure if Pilates is for me?

Call us on 0333 2200 238 and speak directly to our expert in Pilates.

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