Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Injuries are commonplace in sport. A structured warm-up, stretching session and cool down can help prevent injuries from occurring but we are all guilty of taking part in sports activities without those proper pre and post-exercise routines. When injuries do occur then it’s important to seek help from experts who can assess the injury and put together a sports injury physiotherapy plan to aid recovery.

At Physiotherapy Matters we provide sports injury physiotherapy services in Newcastle and in Northumberland. A full thorough assessment by a senior Physiotherapist will help diagnose your injury and a give you a timescale as to when you’re able to return to sport.

Sprains and strains.

Sprains – A sprain occurs to ligaments when they have been stretched, twisted or torn. This can happen as a result of excessive force being applied to the joint. There are different grades to a ligament sprain. Some of the most common types of sprain that we treat as physiotherapists are ankle sprains, knee sprains, elbow sprains and wrist sprains. Once you have sprained a ligament, it can be susceptible to future sprains so it is a sensible course of action to get the injury assessed and treated by a professional.

Strains – A strain occurs to muscles when the muscle fibres are stretched or torn. This can happens when the muscle has been stretched beyond its normal range or forced to contract (shorten) too quickly. We treat many types of muscle strain but some of the most common strains are hamstring strains, calf strains and quadricep strains.

Treatment may include

Physiotherapy treatment can help

  • speed up recovery
  • get you back to sport sooner
  • prevent future injury

We also offer rehabilitation programmes following surgery to help you regain and optimise mobility and strength for individuals to be able to return to their sport.

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