Running Gait Analysis

What does running gait analysis involve? 

  • Video recording of running (treadmill) – 60-minute initial analysis, followed by at least 2 follow up sessions lasting 45 minutes
  • Analysis of your running style using a coaching app, giving specific measurements of your running gait
  • Advice and tips on how to modify your running style if needed and improve your running, based on what is shown using video analysis
  • Advice on running specific warm up activities
  • Exercise programme – including strength and conditioning specific to your running analysis

Who is it suitable for? 

  • If you have a lower limb injury such as shin splints, runner’s knee, hip pain or low back pain associated with running
  • If you are struggling or unable to progress running volume or speed
  • If you are new to running and would like advice on how to improve efficiency, and therefore reduce injury risk
  • If you are returning to training after a long absence (3 months +)
  • If you are noticing performance deficits (hills, speed, finishing pace), and wish to improve your running efficiency and performance

Do I need to have an injury to have a running video analysis? 

Anyone involved with running can have a gait analysis, it doesn’t need to be just for the purpose of recovering from injury.

If you’re interested in performance, gait analysis is a useful tool to see where improvements can be made to improve running form, efficiency and speed. Specific strengthening and plyometric exercises will also help significantly with performance and reducing injury risk.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced competitive runner, or struggling with an injury, gait analysis can help you!

Who carries out the assessment? 

The assessment is carried out by MSK physiotherapist, Emma, who has experience of treating running related injuries. She has completed a running video analysis course in order to provide further running specific assessment and advice. Being a keen runner herself (and a previously injured one!) Emma understands how important injury prevention and injury recovery is for runners and will work with you to get you back doing what you love, or help you towards that personal best! If you would like to speak to Emma about how this assessment might benefit you call us on 0191 285 8701.

How much does this cost?

Initial Analysis (60 mins) £90
Follow up Analysis Session (45 mins) £70

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