Pre/Post-op Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Operation Physiotherapy to aid rehabilitation.

There is strong evidence to support the benefits of getting as fit as possible before operations, for example, before hip or knee joint replacement surgery. Exercises to build up the muscles before you’ve even had your operation can have very beneficial effects on rehabilitation and recovery after your surgery. Similarly, following surgery, timely and effective physiotherapy is often one of the most important factors in helping you get the best outcome.

Here at Physiotherapy Matters we are happy to see anyone who would benefit from physiotherapy either before or after surgery. Following a thorough assessment, you will receive an exercise programme tailored to meet your individual needs and capabilities. Together we will set
personalised goals for your rehab, and we will progress your exercises based on your progress, to help you achieve the goals we set. In addition, it may be helpful to consider other forms of therapy such as: acupuncture; or soft tissue massage.

Physiotherapy can be arranged through any of our clinics. Alternatively, we are very happy to conduct home visits where we will come direct to you to provide physiotherapy in your home.

As a general rule, the sooner we see you, the better the outcome. Seeing you soon after your surgery means we can get you moving as soon as your surgery allows and help you spot any of the signs of post op complications, such as infection. If required, we will liaise with your hospital consultant or district nurse to ensure the best coordinated approach to your care.

Procedures that can benefit from physiotherapy include:

  • Knee: joint replacement; post fracture management; ligament reconstruction; arthroscopy (key hole surgery).
  • Hip: joint replacement; post fracture management; labral repair; post injection
  • Spine: discectomy; joint fusion; post fracture management; post injection
  • Shoulder: labral repair; rotator cuff reconstruction; post fracture management; joint reconstruction.
  • Foot and Ankle: ligament reconstruction; tendon reconstruction; joint replacement; post fracture management.

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