Physiotherapy For Headaches

Headaches are a common complaint – with a common solution, painkillers. Sometimes however, painkillers just don’t give the relief that is required and not many people realise that physiotherapy for headaches is even an option! Here at Physiotherapy Matters we offer specialist headache treatment in Newcastle and across Northumberland.

For those who suffer from reoccurring or chronic headaches, physiotherapy could be the answer as the neck has been recognised as a source of many headaches by the Classification Committee of the International Headache Society and the International Association for the study of pain.

There are two types of a headache that can be managed or even cured successfully by physiotherapy:

Physio for Cervicogenic headaches:

  • This type of headache presents itself as a one-sided deep, dull pain starting in the neck or back of the head (Occiput) and radiating to the frontal, temporal and upper eye areas.
  • The associated symptoms can include; nausea, dizziness, vertigo and blurred vision.
  • These types of headache are common following whiplash injuries; they are also caused by upper neck joint problems and Spondylosis

Physio for Tension headaches:

  • Characterised by a persistent low intensity, often a tight band sensation, typically in the forehead, temple upper neck (back of the head) regions.
  • Pain occurs as a result of substantial muscular contraction, brought on by stress/tension, poor posture or muscle imbalance (weakness of the stability of muscles)

Headaches can be treated using methods such as:


Soft tissue / connective tissue Massage or Mobilisations


Manual therapy, including traction

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