Ostenil Joint Injections

What is Ostenil®?

Ostenil® is a brand name for Hyaluronan Injections, also referred to as Hyaluronic Acid Injections (HA Injections) that contain Sodium Hyaluronate. These injections are used to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis and help preserve the health of the joint. Ostenil® joint injections can be used in any synovial joint in the body, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, knees, ankles, and big toes. Versus Arthritis also document Hyaluronan Injections as a treatment option https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/treatments/drugs/hyaluronan-injections/

How does it work?

Ostenil® is a solution containing Sodium Hyaluronate which is a form of Hyaluronic Acid. It is injected into the space in the joint that contains synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and production of Hyaluronic Acid. This effect of Ostenil® means that it can decrease pain and stiffness and improve the other symptoms of osteoarthritis.

What can I expect if I decide to have treatment with Ostenil®?

If you decide to have treatment with Ostenil® joint injections, it will be injected directly into the joint affected by osteoarthritis. This will usually be a course of 3 injections per treated joint, delivered once a week for 3 weeks. You will probably not notice any benefits immediately after the first injection, but you should gradually start to feel less pain and stiffness over the next few weeks. The improvement in your symptoms should last for several months, depending partly on the number of injections you have. You can expect the benefit from three injections to persist for up to 12 months but vary between 6-12 months depending on stage of arthritis and activity levels.

Once the effects of the first course of injections wear off, you can, if you choose, have another course of 3 Ostenil® injections, or a single Ostenil® Plus injection for larger joints, and continue to have follow up injections whenever necessary.

Are there any side effects?

The hyaluronic acid in Ostenil® is very pure and is manufactured using a process called fermentation. It contains no animal proteins, which means that it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Ostenil® has been given to thousands of patients and has not been found to cause any serious side effects. There is a very small risk of infection with any injection but is performed in a safe clinical environment and process to minimise these risks.

What treatment options are available?

Ostenil® is offered at Physiotherapy Matters in 3 different options:

  1. Ostenil (standard) 2ml of 1% Sodium Hyaluronate: this is a course of 3 injections for larger joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankles)
  2. Ostenil Plus 2ml of 2% Sodium Hyaluronate: one injection for larger joint, usually delivered as a top up
  3. Ostenil Mini 1ml of 1% Sodium Hyaluronate: this is a course of 3 injections for smaller joints (thumbs and big toes)

Ostenil® Approved Clinic

Physiotherapy Matters have been an Ostenil® Approved Clinic since 17th June 2019, Registration Number 000103. Physiotherapy Matters only use authenticated, manufacturer approved Ostenil® products, so you can be sure that the Ostenil® products you are treated with are genuine.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Ostenil® Injections please call the clinic on 0191 285 8701 for a free telephone triage call. 


Ostenil Standard (Course of 3 injections)
For large joints such as knees or shoulders
1 joint – £400
2 joints – £610
Ostenil Plus (1 injection)
Ideal for repeat injections following standard course
1 joint – £240
2 joints – £400
Ostenil Mini (Course of 3 injections)
For smaller joints such as the fingers or toes
1 joint – £325
2 joints – £460

(Prices include cost of appointments and injections)

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