Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

Physiotherapy Matters believe that everyone should have access to the very latest treatment techniques regardless of your level of participation in sport. Whether you’re elite or just enjoy your sport, we have the treatment for you.

The benefits of Sports Injury physiotherapy are:

  • Rehabilitation and injury management leading to reduced time away from sport.
  • Improve your performance through optimal injury management and sports specific screening
  • Reduce the threat of injury through sports specific conditioning programmes

Rehabilitation and Injury Management

Treatment techniques have come a long way over the last 10 years and Physiotherapy Matters adopt the very latest evidences based methods to get you back to your activity. The physiotherapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment and clearly provide you with a diagnosis. It’s the detailed assessment that drives the rehabilitation in the right direction.

If required, our specialist can refer you for further diagnostic tests including Ultrasound and MRI. The physiotherapist will support you through the whole journey to ensure you get the answers that you deserve.

Our therapists will use a combination of manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise advice to ensure you return to your sport as soon as possible. Specific injury rehabilitation is the key to the successful management of sports Injuries.

Physiotherapy Matters have clinicians which specialise in Sports Injury. Many perform in sport to a high level and therefore understand the recreational or elite performer.

Sports Injuries can be acute and lead to high levels of pain and restriction of activity or they can persist for some time and be chronic with low level of pain which affect performance. The trick is receiving the right treatment at the right time. That’s when our complementary telephone triage service comes in. Simply ring Physiotherapy Matters and speak directly to one of our specialist physiotherapists. You will receive immediate advice about the best ways to successfully manage your problem.

Our clinicians know that you must address the root cause of the problem, that way you will return to your sport and stay symptom free. Our clinicians go that extra mile to ensure your fit for your sport and we can communicate with your coach and really tailor your rehabilitation to the specifics of your activity.

We are one of the few clinics in the North East which can provide shockwave treatment. This form of treatment can be particularly useful for Tendinopathies including golfers and tennis elbow. It can also be particularly useful for Achilles pain and Plantar fasciitis and until recently has only been available to military recruits and professional athletes.

Many athletes arrive at Physiotherapy Matters with injuries very close to their “big day”. Through appropriate manual therapy, tapping techniques and advice, we often get our patients through the hardest challenges. As a clinician there is nothing more rewarding that helping our patients achieve their sporting goal.

Appointment sessions can be booked for 30, 40 and 60 minute sessions with either our Senior Physiotherapists or Clinical Specialists.

Sports Specific screening

Sports specific screening requires an in-depth analysis of the demands of the sport.

The physiotherapist will take you through a series of sports specific tests to ensure your “sport ready”. Our sports specific screening includes the following sports:

  • Golf screening by our Golf specialist physiotherapist
  • Tennis screening: The analysis of muscle flexibility, strength and agility.
  • Running screening: ensure your movement mechanics are optimised
  • Rowing: the analysis of lower limb and spinal mechanics ensures appropriate movement dynamics.

Sports Specific Conditioning

Physiotherapy Matters will ensure you are fit to return to your chosen activity. Sports specific conditioning is the key to success. We will analyse your sport and look at the movement patterns and stresses that your activity places on your body. That way we can be sure that you will return to sport at just the right time.

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