Physio Led Exercise Classes

Physiotherapy Matters are excited to welcome you to our studio for face to face exercise classes, through our Partner Company Health and Exercise Matters. Our range of health and fitness classes are suitable for varying levels of ability, with options of small face to face sessions within social ‘bubbles’ or 1:1, whilst also continuing online classes live streamed via Zoom. Our classes are located within our fully equipped, modern studio under our partner company Health and Exercise Matters, behind our head office clinic in Regent Centre. Our studio is well ventilated, and we are continuing to follow Covid policies throughout the clinic and studio, making it a Covid safe environment. Face to face classes in the studio are limited to 6, to allow for social distancing.


5 In studio classes for £50

10 Online classes for £50

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Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Our physiotherapy led Pilates classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. We have the options of face to face small group classes, bespoke 1:1 sessions, and online classes live streamed via Zoom. The face to face and online classes are run at the same time, ensuring everyone can get involved.

Pilates uses a combination of movement and breathing principles, which is great for improving muscular endurance, stability, mobility and posture. This helps to reduce the risk of lower back pain and other muscular or joint related problems, as well as body toning and improving health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Quality of movement is key, which is why we are proud to offer small group classes run by Chartered Physiotherapists, to ensure high quality teaching and close supervision.

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More about our classes

Pilates for Beginners

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Beginners class is suitable for participants that have little to no experience with practicing Pilates. The instructor will guide you through learning the basics of core strength and stability, flexibility, and postural control, combined with essential breathing techniques.

Pilates for Intermediates

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Intermediate class is suitable for participants that are have a good understanding of basic Pilates exercises and breathing techniques and are looking to challenge themselves to the next level. The instructor will guide you through exercises and movements patterns that are slightly higher in intensity, duration, and coordination.

Strength and Conditioning/Sport specific strength training/ PT sessions

These sessions will involve a combination of strength, endurance, stability and mobility work depending on the specific needs of your sport or exercise/activity related goals. Whether it be cycling, running, skiing or general fitness you are looking to improve, a specific strengthening programme can help you achieve more. Our instructors will run through tailored exercises with you, helping you to achieve your goals, reduce risk of injury and improve your performance.

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