Physiotherapy Matters are excited to be launching a new timetable of classes from 1st April 2019.   Our range of health and fitness classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, located within modern facilities under our partner company Health and Exercise Matters, located behind our head office clinic in Regent Centre. 


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Physiotherapy Led Pilates

Our Physiotherapy led Pilates classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. Pilates is brilliant for body shaping, toning, and developing muscular endurance.  More importantly, it is a great way to improve your core strength and stability of the spine/pelvis, posture, and flexibility/mobility of the body; all essential in preventing or reducing your risk of back and neck pain and other muscle/joint problems.

There are many Pilates classes but from our experience quality is key. We are proud to offer classes run by Chartered Physiotherapists in small groups to ensure high quality teaching and close supervision.

Pilates for Beginners

Monday 12pm & Wednesday 5:30pm

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Beginners class is suitable for participants that have little to no experience with practicing Pilates.  The instructor will guide you through learning the basics of core strength and stability, flexibility, and postural control, combined with essential breathing techniques.

Pilates for Intermediates

Monday 1pm & Wednesday 6:30pm

The Physiotherapy led Pilates Intermediate class is suitable for participants that are have a good understanding of basic Pilates exercises and breathing techniques and are looking to challenge themselves to the next level.  The instructor will guide you through exercises and movements patterns that are slightly higher in intensity, duration, and coordination.

Physiotherapy Led Back Pain Management

Tuesday 5:30pm

There is evidence that exercise and education is the best way to manage mechanical lower back pain. That is where our experienced Physiotherapists come in, the back class will be directed at any individuals who have suffered from lower back pain or just have an intermittent niggle in their back. The Class will consist of stretching and strengthening exercises to help you return to your normal daily activities.

Cycle Fit & Run Fit

Tuesday 6:30pm

Cycling and running requires the complex use of various muscle groups, let us take you through our dedicated program to keep you on the road. Our program will include a combination of strengthening and stretching to ensure you’re in peak condition. Our physiotherapist will take you through our programme of exercises, dynamic and specific to running, and will minimise the risk of injury. The class will consist of exercise and strength based activities focusing on mobility and strengthening conditioning on high intensity static and plyometric exercises of the lower limbs main compound muscles.

HIIT – Circuit Training-**

Thursday 6:00pm

Using various exercise stations, you’ll move around each station and workout different muscle groups. You’ll work hard and test both your cardio and strength for an all-round challenge!

** Recommended booked together with HITT- Strength & Conditioning for a complete full body workout

Strength & Conditioning

Thursday 6:30pm

A full-body workout to improve physical performance.  Working with kettlebells and bodyweight performing agility exercises to build strength and endurance.

Strength and Conditioning is great for anyone that wants a full-body workout that doesn’t focus too much on cardio or aerobic exercise. It’s a motivational group class that offers a fun way to improve physical and mental well-being – weight training does wonders for stress as well!

** Recommended booked together with HITT- Circuit Training for a complete full body workout

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