Health and Exercise Classes starting from 9th April 2018
Physiotherapy Matters are excited to be launching a range of health and fitness classes within brand new facilities opening under our partner company Health and Exercise Matters, located behind our head office clinic in Regent Centre, Gosforth.


Physiotherapy Led Pilates


Our Physiotherapy led Pilates classes will be suitable for beginners to intermediate level. Pilates is a strengthening and conditioning exercise program designed to focus on core strength and improve flexibility, posture and balance. There are many Pilates classes but from our experience quality is key. We are proud to offer classes run by Chartered Physiotherapists in small groups to ensure high quality teaching and close supervision.


Wednesday 6:30pm

Physiotherapy Led Pilates for over 50’s


Physiotherapy led Pilates classes for over 50’s is suitable for beginners to intermediate level. Our instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists and will understand your problem and tailor your programme to suite your needs.


Monday 12pm & 1:00pm


Strength & Conditioning


The Strength & Conditioning class will look to strengthen all the major muscles in the body, it will also look at conditioning to help reduce injury and improve overall general fitness. Strength & Conditioning is simply a great way to improve your body by losing body fat and defining muscle at the same time – without spending hours plodding away on a cross trainer. Strength & Conditioning is about maximum return for your input in a short period of time, with a structured approach to training. The training is run by physiotherapist using the latest research led techniques to achieve the best results from your efforts.


Tuesday 5:30pm

Run Fit ‘Bullet Proof Runners’ 


Running requires the complex use of various muscle groups, let us take you through our dedicated program to keep you on the road. Our program will include a combination of strengthening and stretching to ensure you’re in peak condition. Our physiotherapist will take you through our programme of exercises, dynamic and specific to running, and will minimise the risk of injury. The class will consist of exercise and strength based activities focusing on mobility and strengthening conditioning on high intensity static and plyometric exercises of the lower limbs main compound muscles.


Tuesday 6:30pm

Balance for Older People


We understand the importance of staying active and exercising regularly as you age. This class is suitable for those who feel they have problems with daily tasks such as getting out of a chair, use a walking aid to walk or feel a little off balance. You will learn exercises designed to improve muscle strength and balance to help improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls.


Wednesday 3:30pm

Back Pain Management


There is evidence that exercise and education is the best way to manage mechanical lower back pain. That is where our experienced Physiotherapists come in, the back class will be directed at any individuals who have suffered from lower back pain or just have an intermittent niggle in their back. The Class will consist of stretching and strengthening exercises to help you return to your normal daily activities.


Wednesday 4:30pm



Kettlebell classes offer a group the chance of a full body workout. The classes will be split into two groups: Beginners and Advanced. The beginners will learn the fundamentals of movements and safety, and the Advanced will participate in full body action that will raise your heart rate and aid in strengthening and injury prevention. kettlebells truly are a highly effective training tool for improving total-body strength that incorporate high intensity training. They look to target key muscles of the lower body (glutes, hamstrings and quads) to challenging the muscles of the core and upper body (back, shoulders, forearms, triceps and biceps).


Wednesday 5:30pm

Kick Fit ‘Kickboxing’


Our Kickboxing class is a medium to high intensity kickboxing group exercise class. The class creates a fun/motivational environment, integrating striking/defending techniques, whilst at the same time emphasising heart-healthy cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance/toning, muscular strength, core stability, and flexibility.


Thursday 6:30pm



All classes will be run by our experienced Physiotherapists in small groups of 8-12 individuals for a personalised approach.

Classes must be booked in advance, individually for £10 per session or as a block of 6 for £50 (with the £10 discount code flyer). Classes are 45-50 minutes.