Covid-19 got you stuck at home?

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March 18, 2020

With the rise of Covid-19, the government have announced strict, and potentially lengthy isolation measures. While this will shield our most vulnerable members of society from this devastating illness, isolation is likely to bring other detrimental effects to both physical and mental health. Covid-19 health impacts, both physical and mental, may affect us all.

The physical effects of isolation are going to vary person to person. The lack of normal activity and ability to participate in normal exercise routines, as well as inappropriate workstations, are likely to leave many people with aches and pains while becoming generally deconditioned. Furthermore, research has shown that prolonged sitting and sedentary behaviour is often associated with cardiorespiratory issues.

Older people are most at risk of the detrimental effects of the sedentary nature of isolation, as the lack of ability to do their normal active activities is likely to result in rapid weakening, loss of mobility and balance, as well as reduced cardiorespiratory function, and therefore increased risk of falls, increased likelihood of cardiorespiratory issues and ultimately reduced independence.

While we are following all government guidance within the clinic, we wanted to help combat some of the detrimental physical effects of isolation and do what we can to help those stuck at home. Here are the ways we are currently able to help. We will be trying to build on these or change them where appropriate as guidelines change.

  1. We have developed the ability to complete remote physiotherapy consultations (either over the phone or via skype) at a discounted price for those with musculoskeletal disorders so they are still able to receive timely advice and exercise programs. Please call our head office on 0333 2200 238 to discuss remote physiotherapy consultations.
  2. We have developed the ability to complete remote DSE assessments for those being asked to work from home with unsuitable set ups. We will provide advice on DSE use, set up and appropriate, affordable, equipment solutions. See here for more details.
  3. We have made massage vouchers available with a 12 month end date, either for yourself or your loved ones, to be used after the isolation orders have been lifted in order to ease the stiffness that develops with stress, sedentary behaviour or unsuitable workstations. We have also discounted these vouchers if purchased in March or April. Please call our head office on 0333 2200 238 to purchase a massage voucher.
  4. We have produced a FREE Isolation Self Care Guide aimed specifically at those older persons who are being asked to go into isolation, potentially for as long as 4 months. The guide includes handy tips for general wellbeing, as well as a daily exercise program you can use. Feel free to download as many copies of these guides as you would like and distribute them to the older members of your community. We can all do our bit to help reduce the Covid-19 health impacts.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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