Home Visits: Yes, we can come to you!

October 24, 2017

Yes, we can come to you!
Many people are surprised when they hear that Physiotherapy Matters can offer home visits.  Over the years we have seen more and more people ringing us up and asking about whether we can see them in their own home.  That got me thinking, what the benefits of this are?  When I think back to the people I have seen over the last 6 months, it’s been a real mixture of problems.  This has ranged from people in acute lower back pain to patients recovering from significant joint replacement surgery.
Acutely painful injuries……..
Looking at people with acute lower back pain, these are often patients who are suffering from intensely high levels of pain and the thought of getting into a car fills them with dread.  These patients may have tried pain relief provided by their GP but unfortunately this is not enough.  As physiotherapists we know that movement is good for you.  Their GP may provide them with some very good advice to move but unfortunately they need support and guidance in initiating this process.  In such circumstances our physiotherapists take a comprehensive assessment and get cracking with encouraging movement.  So how will they do that?  Physiotherapists can use a number of techniques, these range from manual therapy including massage, acupuncture and advice about exercises.
A physiotherapists hands are arguably their greatest asset!
Through massage and other manual techniques, we are able to gradually encourage our patients to move better.  The physiotherapist will look at functional tasks including getting out of bed, managing the stairs, where to sit, where to walk and any other obstacles which may delay progress.  They will discuss pain relief to ensure you’re on an appropriate level of support for your problem.  Some patients require weekly input, others need a little longer in between sessions, our physiotherapist will discuss with you about what you want from your physiotherapy.  Physiotherapists mostly love their job, one of our luxuries is to see a patient at our Gosforth HQ who you have previously seen at home.  You know you’ve made a real difference to them and their recovery.
Post-Operative Rehab


We’ve seen a definite trend at Physiotherapy Matters, no longer are people prepared to wait for months on end until they get back on their feet after surgery like a hip or a knee replacement. They want results as soon as possible and are determined that they are going to get the very most out of the surgeons handy work.  The thought of leaving the surgery to chance concerns them which is why they ring Physiotherapy Matters.  As example of this was a very pleasant chap we saw a few months ago who was about to undergo a Total Knee Replacement.  For those of you who are not aware of this procedure, patients are often discharged from hospital walking with crutches.  They are very reluctant to bend their knee due to pain and because of pain, muscles have “switched off”.  After discussions with him we put a plan together to see him immediately after he had been discharged from hospital.  We supported him at home for 6 weeks, this included a combination of massage and manual therapy techniques, advice regarding his walking and specific exercises aimed at getting him moving his knee better and gaining increased strength.
“The Physiotherapist pushed me beyond what I would have done myself.  Yes it was uncomfortable at times but I’m so glad I had the support of the Physiotherapist to achieve my goals”.


                                                                                                                Physiotherapist Matters Patient: August 2017
Once he could drive his was able to visit us at the clinic which was a real sense of achievement.  In the end he made fantastic progress, he was back on the golf course within 12 weeks and even went on holiday after 8 weeks.  For him, he made a desire to ensure he was in control of his destiny and would not leave it to chance.
If you require any further information regarding home visits at Physiotherapy Matters, please ring 01912858701.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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