Home Worker Wellbeing: What are you doing to help your colleagues?

March 2, 2021

One year into the pandemic and more and more businesses have realised that having a large percentage of their employees working from home could actually be a viable long-term plan. Working from home, at least partially, provides employee benefits of flexible working, business benefits of reduced office space requirements, and environmental benefits of reduced carbon footprints. However, while working in your PJs with an unlimited supply of tea and coffee might sound appealing, working from home can pose it’s own physical and mental wellbeing challenges unique to each individual, each role, each workplace and each organisation.

Physiotherapy Matters and their specialist occupational health and wellbeing team have been thrilled to be able to support a variety of business with the wellbeing of their home-working colleagues. Each of these businesses have been varied in their business need but with one thing in common – a proactive approach to the wellbeing of their staff and a downward trend in work-related ill health issues.

Our comprehensive and bespoke wellbeing programmes are designed with your unique business needs and wellbeing challenges in mind, to provide continued support for your colleagues physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are our top 5 home worker wellbeing initiatives chosen by business looking to support their colleagues working from home…

1. Surviving The Home Office Workshop

In our interactive Surviving the Home Office Workshop we aim to help attendees understand the risks faced as an individual to their health and wellbeing, and how to minimise them to reduce the impact on their health and wellbeing. We discuss personal and work factors that can influence our chances of developing problems and what we can do about them, ‘optimal’ ergonomic workstation set up and postures, and finally our top 10 tips for working from home!

2. Yoga/meditation classes

Our calming and relaxing yoga and meditation session are designed to help your colleagues relax both body and mind, increase flexibility, reducing stress, improving focus, reducing tension and improving overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Sessions are taught at a steady pace and the therapist guides attendees with easy to follow instructions focussing on alignment, posture, and gentle movement. The guided breathing and focus techniques will also help develop attention and awareness in a supportive environment.

3. Physical wellbeing advice drop in sessions

Our physical wellbeing drop-in clinics provide one-to-one, confidential advice regarding all aspects of musculoskeletal health and wellbeing to your colleagues. This can include advice regarding lifestyle, management of certain conditions, signposting to evidence-based resources or services, or even advice regarding workstation ergonomics.

4. Mental wellbeing advice drop in sessions

Our mental wellbeing drop-in clinics, on the other hand, provide confidential advice regarding all aspects of mental health and wellbeing, and signposting to evidence-based resources or services where needed.

5. Stress Awareness Workshop

A little bit of stress is quite good for us – it can actually improve our performance. Too much stress can be harmful, and can negatively affect our performance – at work, in social situations and when having fun. Our interactive stress awareness workshop helps attendees to identify stressors in their life and learn how to keep stress useful while also discussing the relationship between stress and mental health.


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No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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