New Year….New You?

February 23, 2020

New Year….New You?

Have you often thought that ‘I should really try and get into an exercise routine and keep myself half in shape!?!’ Yes, most of us feel like we should be doing more even though we are all near full to the brim between work , ferrying the children around to all their after school clubs, house chores, being a parent, preparing dinner…eating dinner and still trying to find that 5 minutes to catch up with family or friends! Well how on earth am I able to fit in an exercise routine into all that!! So on we continue and push that box to the side or tuck it behind the one that says ‘I must invite so and so and her husband round for dinner sometime!’

Well as a new year starts, wishing you a happy and healthy 2020 of course, a new start and a new goal may be set for this year…Well, just maybe, a 10 minute routine to do whilst you watch the mornings news or shutting your bedroom door and blasting out your favourite tunes after work could help keep you feeling better, sharper and chuffed with yourself for pulling that box out and getting into that exercise routine.

To keep fitter and ready for your weekly tasks you will probably need a few ingredients. Most tasks are better managed with a little bit of:

  1. flexibility (stretch out those hamstrings and back to help you bend down low or to sit easier in the car),
  2.  strength (tone up those thighs and buttocks to help the walking and climbing those stairs or lifting boxes from the floor)
  3. core (practice those gentle stomach crunches and planks to tighten the corset of muscles that help you sit and walk tall) and
  4. Stamina (squeeze in a bit of cardio exercise to get the heart rate up to help make that task of pushing the push-chair up the hill or the brisk walk into work that little bit easier)

So, take that not-so-tall step, put your phone down, put Disney’s frozen on the TV to occupy the kids and get yourself that 10 minute window (or more) and start your ‘New year, New you’ routine.

Keep it real though. Try not to set a goal that takes NASA’s strategy specialists and an army platoon to help you achieve. ‘Perhaps just 2 or maybe 3 time this week I’ll dip my toe in and see that what time I can find for myself.’ Bish..Bash…Bosh….your off. Happy Health New You.

For a good resource on where to start double click the photo below with great advice and a weekly planner with exercises to try:

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