We visited Walkworth Womens Institute to discuss common MSK disorders and how best to manage them

January 17, 2018

On the 9th January our physiotherapist, Nick Livadas, was invited to speak to the Walkworth Womens Institute to talk to the members about how to manage common musculoskeletal disorders and how to increase levels of exercise whilst reducing the risk of falls.

Common conditions such as back and neck pain were discussed as well as joint problems relating to osteoarthritis. Tips on how to reduce pain whilst still maintaining an active lifestyle were offered and the women were provided with information leaflets that they felt were applicable to them. Nick explained the governments exercise guideline of 150 minutes per week and offered some useful tips on how this could be achieved by breaking down exercise into smaller manageable chunks.  The audience were also given the opportunity for a Q & A relating to any muscular or joint problems they were suffering from.

The session was then made more active as the women were each given a piece of theraband and joined in a strengthening session for the upper and lower limbs. There were a few laughs along the way and the exercise session was certainly thirsty work which made the tea and cakes that followed more than welcome.

If you are suffering from any joint or muscular pain or are worried about falling and how to prevent it get in touch with us. We can offer both clinic and home appointments at a time convenient to you.

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