Swing your way into Winter Golf with these simple stretches: Sara Mather

October 27, 2017

At Physiotherapy Matters we see a range of clients from the occasional sports person to the elite sports person, a game that is evolving throughout all age ranges is Golf.    Golf has grown dramatically in the last few years and with claims that Golf players live 5 years longer – we can see why people are taking up the game.  Who wouldn’t?!

“I struggle to finish 18 holes without aches and pains” is something we hear regularly as physios, “I get  a little niggle at hole 12 but play through” is another!

Do you find fatigue is setting in sooner?  Have you lost motivation with your game?  Is the consistency fading?   Or are you suffering from some general niggles, aches and pains?

Flexibility and strength are key for creating a solid performance on the golf course.  Golf is changing and we see our professionals turning to flexibility and strength training more often.     Tiger Woods was considered to be the man who changed this.  Amateurs, professionals and even beginners are now regularly engaged with a physiotherapist to ensure their performances on the course can be maintained all year round. That little niggle is no longer just left!

So what simple stretches can I do to help my flexibility for Golf?

These stretches are some static stretches, the gold standard of stretch when trying to increased flexibility. These are a guide and should be performed when your muscles are warm, after a gym work out, brisk walk or at the end of your golf game.   Regular stretching ideally should be performed 3 times per week to provide you with benefit.

  • Mid Back Rotations – Flexibility to your trunk
    • In your golf stance
    • Club across your chest
    • Turn shoulders to 90 degrees left and right x 10 to each side
    • Keep your feet shoulder with apart & your hips still
  • Shoulder and Chest Stretch
    • Hands together behind back and straighten arms.
    • Raise hands as high as possible behind your back and bend forward from the waist
    • Hold for 30 seconds, repeat this 5 times.
  • Back Stretch
    • Start by kneeling on the ground with your arms out in front of you.
    • Slide your arms further away and slowly shift your hips back towards your feet until a comfortable stretch is felt.
    • Slide your hands to the right until a stretch is felt down the side of your back
    • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and Repeat to the left.
  • Sitting Hips Stretch
    • In sitting
    • Soles of the feel together
    • Let your hips drop to the floor
    • Sit up nice and tall and feel the stretch in your hips

A good golfer should not be stiff; a good golfer should have a regular stretching routine in turn limiting the potential for injury!  Ever thought about foam rolling? This can be an asset to a golfer increasing flexibility though the fascia (Connective tissue) limiting the loss of mobility – maintaining your full swing – vital for that 18-hole competition you have.  Fascia can become stiff and tight when we push ourselves, over work certain muscles or can become inflamed after injury

Interested in getting that niggle looked at, getting some 1-2-1 advice regarding your flexibility and core strength specific to your golf?  Contact us at Physiotherapy Matters on 0191 285 8701 to find out more. 

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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