The benefits of fitness classes

fitness classes

April 30, 2018

Here at Physiotherapy Matters we have joined up with our sister group ‘Health and Exercise Matters’. Yet we believe we are different to other exercise classes you will receive. As you will get the professional teaching you require but from qualified physiotherapists. We believe fitness classes are great for you as they have many benefits. So we have listed some of the benefits you will receive when joining our fitness classes.

Increased motivation

Having a class you can go to will increase your motivation. You are not by yourself, and you have others around you to push you on, getting the best results possible. Compared to going by yourself, many see an increase in results and commitment.


Our group exercises are always fun! You are around other people, feeling the benefit while releasing good endorphins. And exercising with other people can create memories and new friends.

Structured workout by a professional physiotherapist

By joining a fitness class, you will be taught by a professional physiotherapist. Therefore, learning the best movements, tricks and correct techniques for your body. You will have a structured workout, helping anyone who isn’t a fan of freestyling by themselves.
With our fitness classes, you will know exactly what muscle you are targeting and working on. It will help you reach goals as you will have a professional physiotherapist pushing you on and letting you know if you are doing each exercise correct.

Incentive to go if you have booked

Be sure to book your lessons with us, make sure you book a block session to help with your motivation and it will give you an incentive to go. We believe it is good practice to book your classes as it will give you an extra reason when you may not be feeling it!

Kettlebell class Newcastle

Our kettlebell classes are a great way to help with a full body workout. It is a great class as no matter what stage you are at; we have a kettlebell class in Newcastle suited for you.

Strength and conditioning classes Newcastle

We find our strength and conditioning classes provide a great class energy. They look to improve overall general fitness. Maximising the return for your input in a short space of time.
So get booked in with our fitness classes today. Take a look at the full list of classes we have to offer. And remember, if you book our classes in a block you will receive £10 off*.

*Offer ends 31.05.2018

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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