Case study: Bond Dickinson

January 31, 2017


National law firm, Bond Dickinson commissioned Physiotherapy Matters to deliver a Workout@Work campaign, with the aim of promoting physical and mental wellbeing in the work environment and inspiring employees to develop healthier work habits so sickness absence can be reduced.

The Workout@Work campaign, led by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), is an annual initiative which aims to improve physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace, through helping employees address poor work habits – such as not taking breaks and over-working – and increasing levels of physical activity during the working day.

The aim of the session was to increase Bond Dickinson’s employees’ awareness of the benefits of regular exercise both at work and outside of work.


As part of the Workout@Work initiative Physiotherapy Matters delivered a range of on-site occupational health services for Bond Dickinson, across multiple UK office locations.

On-site wellbeing focused on occupational health physiotherapy

This included:

  • Hosting WorkOut@Work sessions for Bond Dickinson employees through the UK: hosting sessions at Bond Dickinson’s offices in Newcastle, Plymouth, Leeds and Southampton.
  • Staff were given handouts at each session which provided opportunities to promote discussion
  • During the session, employees were provided with:
    • An educational presentation on the negative effects of a sedentary job/lifestyle
    • The benefits of regular exercise
    • Office based exercises to perform at their desks – these were practiced at the employees’ desks to make the sessions interactive and enjoyable
    • A display screen equipment demonstration and postural advice

Bond DIckinson | Workout@Work| Physiotherapy Matters

To support the on-site training, Physiotherapy Matters also shared videos of the session and desk based exercises via the Bond Dickinson intranet site.



Katherine Hogg, HR Advisor at Bond Dickinson, said:

“Physiotherapy Matters came in to deliver a program of Workout@Work sessions. Nick and his team did a great job of delivering engaging and informative sessions that were really well received. They went the extra mile to organise sessions across different office locations and even provided a video clip for our intranet. We are looking forward to working with them again soon.”

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