It’s Golf season- Common Golf injuries; Golfers’ elbow.

golf injuries

July 19, 2022


With the upturn in weather and the beginning of the open championship this week you might be out and about playing Golf this summer. Here’s a few common golf injuries that avid golfers might suffer with and tips on how to avoid them.

Back pain– It is estimated that between 30 and 50% of golfers will suffer from back pain at some point. This is mainly due to the repetitive rotational stresses that are placed on the spine and muscles throughout a golf swing, and the prolonged bent over stance required during the swing. This repetition of movement can lead to muscle strain or fatigue which can lead to severe back pain. To help avoid this, some mobility exercises and strengthening exercises targeting the back muscles should be incorporated into your weekly routine.

Elbow pain- GOLFERS ELBOW is something you may have heard of, contrary to the name it is not caused only by golf, although it is true that it can be caused by some of the movements regularly required when playing golf. Repetitive wrist movements during the swing can cause irritation of the tendons that attach to the inside of your elbow. The correct combination of rest and strengthening exercises is often all it takes to reduce the risk or help treat the problem. If you think you have golfers’ elbow, whether you play golf or not, it may be worth having a chat to one of our physios to get some help, advice and exercises.

Knee injuries- Throughout various parts of the golf swing there are high levels of force on the knees, along with the twisting required of the knee this can cause an acute injury such as a ligament injury or can cause the knee to become painful over a period of time. To help reduce the chance of this occurring, some strengthening of the thigh and bum muscles along with some training of rotational movements should be considered. If you have an acute injury to the knee, it is well worth getting this checked out to make sure you get the correct treatment.

Shoulder Injuries- The rotator cuff can commonly become a source of pain in the shoulder, particularly when combined with high force and quick movements of the shoulder. There are various times through the golf swing that irritation or injury may occur, and pain could be due to traumatic injury or due to repetition and overuse. There are many different injuries that can occur to the rotator cuff and if left can become severe and even limit your day-to-day activities. Strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles can help to avoid rotator cuff pain or help treat it.

Foot and Ankle Injuries- If you play golf you will be aware of the importance of the foot and ankle when playing a shot. On one hand you need the feet to be stable to ensure you have a good base to work from, whilst on the other hand they need to have the mobility to be able to execute the shot. Exercises to help with mobility and stability can help to reduce the risk of injuries and help to advance your game. Losing your footing or twisting too far on the ankle can lead to an injury. If an ankle injury is affecting your game, why not get some advice and treatment to help you get back to your best.

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