Pilates - Case Study

September 29, 2017

Pilates case study

Since our launch with the new Pilates sessions earlier this month we have had our first person complete the 6 week sessions!

From the first hurdle of how do I activate my core and what is it, to performing a superman and finishing with no pain.  Oh and hang on a second Sara “I can now kneel on the floor and play with my children and jump around forgetting that I was 6 weeks ago unable to sit for more than 10 minutes with pain”!

Congratulations to our first Pilates finisher!

So how did we get there?

Session one

In session one we discuss your injury sporting or working needs and what you want to achieve so we can tailor the sessions for your individual needs.  Ok with a plan in place let’s get started by taking it back to basics.  Where is my core and how do I find it?

Once we’ve talked about your neutral position in standing and sitting we then move on to teaching the key elements for the course.  Don’t worry about remembering them – as we get more confident in the movement of Pilates they become much easier.  With one to one sessions teaching the key elements increases your confidence in a fun and relaxed environment!

  1. Breathing
  2. Centring
  3. Finding your neutral spine position
  4. Setting your abdominal muscles
  5. Ribcage placement
  6. Shoulder blade placement
  7. Head and neck placement

Lots to remember –   no stress if you forget –  its comes naturally as we progress though the course and is adapted throughout to your specific needs and having 1-2-1 allows you to progress at your own pace.   At the end of session one –  lets have look at the basic Pilates moves.

Session two

Welcome to your first 45-50-minute class. We start with a gentle warm up perform 5-6 exercises together and work on your 5 key elements, finishing with a cool down and gentle stretching. We will test your range of movement at the start and end of the session to see if you have any improvements.  Really after just one session?   Yes, it is possible and our first Pilates finisher was amazed after one session.  I’m almost touching my toes!
Session three

Now you’re comfortable we will add in a few more exercises and progress the intensity – don’t worry if you’re not ready, we will be working at your pace.  Pilates will work specific to you and in this class we will work on adding in arms and leg movements –  whilst remembering them key elements

Session Four

“I’m feeling so much taller now, and I’ve just cut the grass without pain. I forgot I had back issues.” Congratulations!   “I’ve even tried some sport this week and my partner has even noticed I’m getting up in a morning with ease!”   Brilliant let’s progress your exercises this session.  In this session we are now performing 6-8 exercises with a warm up and cool down.  Confidence has improved and the pace of the sessions are now picking up.

Session Five

“Oh wow –   I’ve played sport 4-5 times this week, I’ve done lots more and I’m feeling more motivated!”  Let’s add in some more advanced techniques if you’re able and let’s use the spiky ball to get some myofascial release and lets use some stretching to further improve flexibility.    With another warm up  6-8 exercises and a cool down.  Let’s just measure that flexibility that we did in session 2.

Session Six 

Here we are at our last session.  Let’s check how good your core is.   We will repeat several moves from out sessions and see how easy those in initial moves are.  This session will involve a discharge chat to find out what you’ve achieved and how you’ve recovered.   You’ve flown through that 45 minute workout and I’m having to prompt you mush less now. Congratulations !

“Oh and guess what –  my sporting performance has improved too,  I feel taller, more motivated and more  confident, I’m finding everyday tasks much easier!”

One to one sessions have many advantages –  if you would like to discuss how Pilates can help you prevent or recover from injury or even help with you sporting perforce  – contact Sara for a free informal discussion.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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