Why Pilates?

October 3, 2018

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a popular form of exercise used to improve fitness and wellbeing, with particular emphasis on core strengthening. It was developed in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates and has evolved over years into a more contemporary and science-based approach to exercise.

Although originally developed through work with war veterans and elite ballet dancers, the Pilates approach has been adapted through the years making it more suitable and better applied across the general population because of its vast benefits.


What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is well known for its benefits in reducing lower back pain but, when performed regularly (and correctly!), it has a wealth of other benefits too, including:

  • Improved posture, balance and flexibility
  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Improved coordination and kinaesthetic awareness
  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and tone
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Reduced stress levels

How does is work?

Pilates uses 6 fundamental principles:

Breathing, Centring, Control, Concentration, Precision and Flow.

The application of these principles through movement and performance of specific exercises is what leads to its great benefits.

The Pilates Method Alliance ® state that:

Pilates exercise focuses on postural symmetry, breath control, abdominal strength, spine, pelvis and shoulder stabilisation, muscle flexibility, joint mobility and strengthening through the complete range of motion of all joints instead of isolating muscle groups, the whole body is trained, integrating the upper and lower extremities with the trunk”.
Is it for me?

Pilates is suitable for almost anyone who is medically stable. Pilates exercises can be adjusted and adapted in an almost endless number of ways, making it suitable for participants of any fitness level or capability when applied correctly. However, a health assessment should always be completed before beginning a Pilates class.

Advice should be sought from a qualified Pilates instructor for individual guidance and programmes suitable for your needs and abilities. Exercises should always be performed within individual’s capabilities to gain the benefits without risk.

1:1 and small groups classes are ideal for closer monitoring of technique and guidance for progression; particularly if you are new to Pilates.

Pilates classes are run for beginners and intermediate level at our Regents Center clinic.

Call 03332200238 for more information on the classes that are available.


No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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